The AutoScan Inspec is a compact desktop device that provides automatic high-accuracy scanning of small and complex objects. The system, designed by the engineers of the Chinese-based Shining 3D company, represents a perfect solution for reverse engineering, inspection, and quality control. The AutoScan Inspec can be applied in any industry requiring high resolution digitization with minimal effort. The developers paid special attention to the ease of use of the device – a user-friendly interface and a set of intelligent scanning modes do meet these goals. For example, the user can point out certain areas which have not been scanned properly, and the device will automatically make all the necessary scans. The AutoScan Inspec is as easy to master as possible, even for untrained users – it takes only about three hours to get professional scans when employing the device for the first time.

Its Shining 3D Autoscan Inspec is a desktop industrial 3D scanner that has metrological accuracy. It is fully automated and has a remarkable accuracy of up to 10 micrometres, an easy to use design, and simple software. The AI sophisticated scanning algorithms give extremely precise results in a speedy and efficient manner that is perfect for analyzing small and intricate parts.

The scanner employs the method of structured light as well as dual cameras with 5 MP to create an object into an 3D model which can then be exported to the most popular CAD software like Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Control X software, PolyWorks and others. In contrast to other 3D scanners for desktops, Autoscan Inspec is unique in that Autoscan Inspec employs a 3-axis system that allows you to rotate an object around different angles in order to collect all the required information.

The software is integrated with an intuitive interface as well as automated tools to guarantee speedy and reliable data acquisition.The mentioned features make Autoscan Inspec ideal for many applications, such as quality checks measurements that are non-contact reverse engineering, and design of products.

The following renderings are made the following Shining 3D on Sketchfab demonstrate the incredible capabilities of the device.

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Accuracy of the scan

Its Shining 3D Autoscan Inspec is an advanced desktop 3D scanner that has precision of metrology 0.01 millimeters. Because of the 3D scanning with blue light, it is capable of recording the most precise details necessary for high-quality inspection. Additionally, the device comes outfitted with a double 5MP camera that can produce higher-quality scans.

Scan volume

Autoscan Inspec Autoscan Inspec offers a maximum scanning area of 100 x 100 x millimeters. This, along with its excellent precision makes it ideal for finely detailed and small-scale scans.

Scanner controls

Its Autoscan Inspec is a 3D scanner for desktops which operates via a plugged computer. It uses an USB 3.0 USB port, which assures stable and fast data transmission.

The device is completely automated and can scan multi-angles with just one click thanks to its innovative 3-axis system.


Shining 3D provides the dedicated Ultrascan software, which is specifically developed for industrial use. It is extremely powerful in terms of automation, and has a user-friendly interface, and a seamless workflow with a brief learning curve. It can be used for automatic and manual alignment, automatic filling, smoothing and sharpening surfaces as well as multi-angle 3D scanning and many more.

It is compatible with a range of inspection software. This includes Geomagic Control X , Geomagic Design X , ZBrush, PolyWorks, etc.

The complete process of using the Geomagic Control in the video below:

What's in the box

  • Autoscan Inspec 3D scanner
  • Essential components needed for the operation of the device
  • Calibration board
  • Software for scanning
  • User manual

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Feel and look


The stunning 3D Autoscan Inspec comes in matte black and white trims. The sleek design makes it a perfect professional application.

The scanner weighs 7.5 kg (16.53 lbs) when compared with competitors and has an open, modular design.


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